#85 Why we Fight About Money | Unpacking The Four Financial Alter Egos

Description Money talk can be a minefield for couples. And for many it often becomes easier to avoid. But by understanding the true sources of tension and conflict, you can transcend it. In the second episode in the Love and Money series, Helen and Terry diver deep into the unconscious jobs we give money, and […]

Love & Money | The 5 Symptoms of Dysfunctional Harmony

Description In the first episode of this series on Love and Money, Terry is Joined By Helen Wilkie. Helen was featured with her partner Chace in PIP #59 and has now coached couples coming through the mentorship. In this episode Helen and Terry preview the couples series and start by exploring a single question: is […]

#83 Mimetic Theory Debrief | Weeding Your Wants and Defining Wealth for Yourself

Description Ryan and Terry debrief the Jonathan Bi interview and discuss how they’re using mimetic theory to better understand life’s most important decisions. What you’ll learn: How to weed your wants to get more meaning from your efforts A more nuanced pursuit of ‘retirement’ How to switch your mimetic nature on and off using a […]

#82 Jonathan Bi | Mimetic Desire, Money, and Living a Meaningful Life

Description Our results and reality are created by our decisions. But our decisions are directed by our desires. So by better understanding and interrogating our desires, we can improve the quality of our lives. In this episode, Terry chats with Jonathan Bi. Jonathan is one of the world’s preeminent experts on Renee Girard’s theory of […]

#81 Ryan and Terry React To Jeff Booth’s AI Thesis

Description In this episode, Ryan and Terry sit down to discuss and debate their takes on PiP#80 with Jeff Booth. And they explore how they are thinking about using this information to guide their investing and career decisions going forward. What you’ll learn: The debt debate, is it a wealth tool or a poison chalice? […]

#80 Jeff Booth | The Age of AI and How to Build a Better Future

Description AI is changing the way the world works – in front of our eyes. And in his best-selling book ‘The Price of Tomorrow’, Jeff Booth predicted it. In this episode, Jeff calls it as he sees it and details who the winners and losers will be in an AI world. He also explains how […]

#79 Is The Money Mentorship For You?

Description If you’ve ever wanted to know more about what’s in the money mentorship and how it works, this episode answers every question you ever had. Following up on their ‘hacking money habits series’ and Rachael Taylor’s story, Ryan and Terry reveal how they use behaviour science, game design and ‘materialisation’ to help people pursue […]

#78 Rachael Taylor | How to Make Your Money Work Harder Than You Do

Description In this episode, Terry chats with program alumni Rachael Taylor. Rachael is the perfect example of what it looks like when someone who was working hard, finally puts it all together and learns how to use money to change their life. If you’ve ever wondered if you’ve waited too long to make money a […]

#77 How to Become Persistent by Tapping Into the Power of Perception

Description Motivation comes and goes in waves. But how can you make waves so you can persist when pursuing your goals? In this episode, Terry sits down with NYU Motivation scientist Emily Balcetis to discuss her work on how perception can change our ability to persist in the pursuit of any goal. What you’ll learn: […]