#76 | How to Eliminate Waste and Make Mindful Money Decisions (Without Math)

Description Every financial decision is a vote for where you’ll end up in the future. But most happen on the fly. So how do we make sure we’re making great day-to-day financial decisions without becoming exhausted and overwhelmed in the process?  In this episode, Ryan and Terry explore the structural dimension of change. Structure dictates […]

#75 How to Use Social Gravity to Get More of What You (Really) Want

Description Humans are social animals, and change is a social phenomenon. In this episode, Ryan and Terry explore the concept of ‘mimetic desire’ to understand the role it plays in the pursuit of what we want and how our wants change us. What you’ll learn: The origins of mimetic theory Where our wants come from […]

#74 Yu Kai Chou | How to Game Your Money Motivation

Description Yu Kai Chou is one of the world’s foremost experts on motivation and game design for real world outcomes. He has advised and consulted to organisations like Uber, Tesla, Oxford, Yale and Stanford universities among many others. In this conersation he shares his Octalysis framework for gaming motivation and gearing it toward your goals.  […]

#73 BJ Fogg | How to ‘Wire In’ New Habits Without Willpower

Description BJ Fogg is the Einstein of Behaviour change. He studies and teaches behaviour science at Stanford, and chances are, you interact with tools and tech built on his insights several times a day. In this episode, Terry sits down to explore the origins of his Fogg behaviour model, and how it applies to realm […]

#72 John Demartini | How to Defeat Self Doubt and Reach Your Financial Potential

Description When it comes to catalysing personal transformation, John Demartini has very few peers. In this episode, here shares some of his most profound wisdom on how and why we change. He also shares his story of overcoming learning difficulties and financial illiteracy to becoming financially independent ‘many times over’.    What you’ll learn: The […]

#67 Cory Klippsten | How to Avoid Losing Your Savings to Crypto Scams

If the FTX collapse didn’t make it clear, crypto is very much still a wild west. And as Jesse Myers described in our last episode, it is definitely not for the faint hearted. But Bitcoin is not crypto, and in this last episode of our BTC expert series the difference between the two will become […]

#65 Nat Brunell | Seeking Truth, Finding Bitcoin

In the first of the Bitcoin Bear Market series, Terry chats with one of the most compelling voices in Bitcoin: Robert Breedlove. Roberts articles and podcast episodes boast more than 10 million downloads. And it’s not hard to see why. He is part philosopher, part educator, and part subject matter expert. In this conversation, you’ll see […]