Accelerate the path to owning your home.

Is this you?

You Know You want to Buy, 
But it’s Taking Forever

You’re fully committed. And you’ve been working your asses off. But it feels like your running in quicksand. Taking on extra work, cutting down on extra spending. But it all feels futile when you look at where you are and where you want to be. Now, you’re bickering about the little things, because the one big thing you really want looks like a mirage.

Here's the problem:

Rates Have Risen,
Prices are (Still) Rising!

Our parents paid 2-2.5 x their annual income for a property, but it’s a different story for us. We’re shelling out 8-10 x our income, for the SAME properties they bought 50 years ago! WTF! This is why home ownership is on the decline. Prices are rising faster than our ability to save. And rate rises have made getting a loan harder than scoring a backstage pass to a Taylor Swift concert.

As a result...

Home Ownership is Harder 
Than it has Ever been

The playbook our parents used is about as useful as a flip phone. Property is still a great place to put your money. But just ‘knuckling down’ and ‘tightening the belt’ wont cut it.Forced saving probably worked when building a deposit could be done in less than 2 years. If you try the same approach today, it will likely take you 8-10 years.

The winners in today’s property market do things differently. they’re playing checkers, while everyone else plays chess.To change the game, you need to change the frame. Being able to buy a property isn’t about having enough money, it’s about telling the right story with your money to the banks.

So, what can you do?

Here’s How Today’s Home Owner Actually Makes it Happen

We spent six months collaborating with the most sought after experts in the field of finance. Collectively this group has helped thousands of Aussies achieve their property goals. There are four things you absolutely must get right:


Having access to ‘capital’ is more important than having a 20% deposit. They’re not the same thing. The winners know how to quickly assemble capital to get a foot in the door.


Knowing you can manage a mortgage (and all that comes with it) is critical for moving forward with confidence when the time comes. The most successful buyers use systems and structure to know how much debt they can and cannot take on safely.


It doesn’t matter how much capital you can assemble if you’re not financially fit. The banks want to work with cleanskins who will be good stewards of their cash. This comes down to spending patterns and priorities.


Trying to minimise the amount of debt often comes at the cost of securing a quality asset. The best buyers aren’t fixated on minimising debt. They are focus their attention on optimising their cashflow and nailing the purchase. Because buying a quality property is the best way to to minimise risk.

And here's how you can do it...

Master All 4 Factors In One Afternoon

If you’re reading this part, it’s because you’re smart enough to realise that others have already figured out what you’re trying to figure out. This program will help you start acting on the answers, instead of trying to find them for yourself. If you’re in it to win it, read on… 

Minimise the time spent saving

There’s a point where saving more doesn’t make any sense. And you’ll know exactly when that is, and how to cut down the time it takes to get there.

Buy a Property that Creates Prosperity

By starting with the end in mind you’ll minimise the chances you buy a property you’ll regret. And ensure your savings work harder than they would in the bank. 

Get Rubberstamped by the Banks

With the skills and tools you’ll master in this program, you won’t have to jump through hoops for the banks. They’ll be rolling out the red carpet to help you get into your property.

Manage the Mortgage with Ease

Know that you can comfortably afford the mortgage for the house you want, before you move in.

What others are saying

“We’d read the barefoot investor, we felt like that was limited in scope. When you’re doing the money mapping, you’re having the conversation. Teaching us how to do it & the phsycology. You saved our marriage. We feel much better educated and equipped. We were struggling to be on the same page.”

– Simon & Michelle

“I thought ‘Why pay someone when we could do it ourselves’. The direction it’s given us and the progress as a couple you can’t put a price on. Unconditional approval on our house waiting for settlement. The accountability kept us on track.”

– Shane & Anita

“We were on a path to seriously never have this. We now have things in place to manage our money for the rest of our lives. It’s funny how when you get one thing in order it affects everything.”

– James & Indi

“I was totally shocked and surprised that we have been able to make this much progress in such a short period of time”

– Helen & Chace

What you'll get:

A proven pathway

Skip the trial and error, and learn what works by accessing bite sized learning modules.

A personalised plan

Use what you’ve learned to configure proven principles to your specific context.

Tricks of the trade

Speed up your progress by stealing the cheat codes from Australias most experienced experts.

Live expert help and support

Access weekly coaching calls to gets your questions answered and maintain momentum.

A connected community

Stay motivated and leverage others learning by joining the HoA community of practice. 

+ EXCLUSIVE personal finance tech

You won’t find this tech anywhere else, because we built it specifically for THIS program.

The coaches in your corner.

Ryan Monaghan and Terry Condon are the founders of the Cashflow Co, and your coaches for Home Owner Accelerator.


Terry Condon, MBA

Ryan saw the ‘behaviour gap’ that often exists in personal finance, and teamed up with Terry to fill it.

With a background in high performance coaching and management consulting, he has honed the ability to make important insights more accessible. He also understands how create the necessary conditions for positive personal change.


Ryan Monaghan, MFP

Terry worked with Ryan to get started investing. And this experience showed him how important it is to make information and education actionable.

Ryan’s qualifications in finance and a keen interest in technology means he is exceptional at creating tools that make principles actionable.

Our approach?

We’d like to think we make finance fun. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what others say 👇

The Investment


One time payment

If you implement the first half of this course and don’t think this is the best investment you’ve ever made, we’ll refund you in full. And you can keep the course

Two steps to supercharged success

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Sign up

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My income is unreliable, will this still work?

Yep, absolutely. Our method, money mapping helps you decouple incoming from outgoings, and that means you’ll be working with money already have, not money you might have. This makes planning possible and also reduces the feeling of uncertainty that can come from an uncertain income. So in short, this will be even MORE beneficial for you if you have a fluctuating income.

I'm trying to save money to buy a home, how does it make sense to SPEND more money?

Good question. The short answer is, if it makes you money it’s not a cost. It’s an investment. And our rule of thumb is that we don’t sell anything that isn’t 10x the value it costs. If you apply what you learn here, it won’t just help you get your home, it will help you achieve the goals you have beyond that as well. That should be worth well over $525. BUT, if you’re not convinced. Listen to episode 103 on our podcast. We address this question in detail here.

Do you guarantee results?

We guarantee that if you follow this pathway, you will get the result you want, and much sooner than you would have otherwise. But only if you actually apply this information and use the tools.

Having said that, if you’re not already sure this will be the case after completing the ‘fast foundations’ part of the course, and applying the methodology we teach, we’ll refund you in full.

When are the group coaching calls?

These will be held weekly, and you’ll be able to register to attend inside the learning platform once you sign up. We’ll also record these as well.

When does it start?

Being a digital experience with an online member portal, it starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you with. You get lifetime access.

Where does it happen?

It’s online with training videos, tools, one-to-one zoom call coaching, live Q&A calls and a circle community. You work at your own pace, in your own space.

How long will it take?

You can get up and going with this in an afternoon, and work through the accelerators at a pace that suits you.

We can’t give you numbers on how long it will take you, because it comes down to individual circumstances like income, overhead and the kind of home you want to buy.

What we can do is tell you that if you follow this program and implement everything we teach, this will slice months if not years off your property journey

Whats the go with the app?

The app sits at the centre of this experience, and when you sign up you get 6 months free access. 

After this, you'll be asked if you want to continue to access with our subscription ($25 a month) 
You will NOT be automatically debited.