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Make your money work harder, fund your big life goals.

An advanced coaching program for accelerating your progress toward financial self-reliance.

This coaching call is for you if you want to...

Create purpose and direction for your financial future.

You want to be more intentional with your money. But life’s a merry go round you often struggle to hop off for a breather.

We’ll make sure you give yourself the time and space to get clear on what you really want out of life. Then we’ll help you uncover the role money can play in helping you get it.

Manage your money in a way that maximises its value.

Even though you’ve been trying to be smart with your money, you hate living by some experts rigid prescription. We get it. We’re not about ignoring who you are and telling you what to do.

We’ll help you figure out what works best for you. We’ll train you to master a mindful money practice that connects with your vision, aligns with your values and moves with your life.

Make your money work harder than you do.

You’re smart enough to know you need to put your money to work. But it’s easy to feel lost in the maze of money jargon, endless choice and uneducated opinion.

So we break down the bull#^*t and show you step by step how to invest intelligently. When your money is making you money, you’ll stop stressing about your future. And that means you’ll live with a lot more freedom right now.

Want to know how it works?

Create a clear and

clear and compelling vision.

Use cutting edge motivation science to bring your fuzzy ambitions into focus. Once you have clarified your own definition of wealth and uncovered your drivers you’ll be able to lock onto your own north star for navigating your financial future.

Engineer your

environment for success.

Get your financial house in order by building a customised banking structure that is geared toward your goals. When you have a clear line of sight from todays decisions to tomorrow’s goals, you’ll make mindful money decisions without even thinking about it.

Master the

principles of wealth creation.

Access game changing, time saving tools to seamlessly integrate your cashflow with your goals. Having a worms eye and a birds eye view of your finances gives you a sense of calm and control that would make a monk look anxious.

Make the

big money moves.

Overcome procrastination and perfectionism by mapping out your strategy. Next, define the concrete steps to convert your active income into a money machine that pays you whether or not you’re at work. Then start walking the path to prosperity.

Here’s what you get:

A Proven Pathway

We’ve spent years making all the mistakes and figuring out what doesn’t work. And that’s how we’ve discovered what does. We’ve baked the roadmap into a custom built learning platform you gain access to for life.

This pulls everything together in one place and walks you through each step in sequence so you never feel lost. It is the central ‘hub’ of your experience and how you access the content and tools, book your sessions and connect with the community.

Expert Mentorship

Even though you’re self starter, sometimes you just need someone to walk you through it. We’re here for that. This isn’t a ‘thanks, here’s everything… good luck’ experience.

You’ll get dedicated online support at four levels: one to one, small group coaching, live expert workshops and on-demand calls. We’ll hold your hand through the scary bits if you need it. And we’ll keep you accountable to your goals if you need it.

Time Saving Tools & Tech

If you’re here, you probably want to make better decisions with better information. But you might not be a numbers nerd. That’s more than fine. Life isn’t lived in a spreadsheet (sorry nerds). Life is something you create with every decision.

We’ll train you to use clever tools and tech that do the number crunching for you. This way you get to be CEO of your finances without wasting time trying to be an accountant.

Connected Community

We’re taught not to talk about money, and that’s why most of us are in the dark about it. The science shows that learning and behaviour change is a social phenomenon. And that’s why we’ve gone to extreme lengths to ensure you never feel alone.

Our circle community is the place you come to ask questions, find information and start meaningful conversations. If there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that the best way to stay on track is to walk that track with others.

What our alumni say...

No two experiences are the same, every person has their own idea of a rich life. These legends have shared their thoughts on how the program has impacted their ability to design and live that rich life.

Mitch & Britt

Simon & Michelle

Em & Yi-han

Paul & Jess

Shane & Anita

James & Indi

The winning ingredients


What you need..


...and what you don’t!

The coaches in your corner.

Ryan Monaghan and Terry Condon are the creators of GIR. The pair combined their superpowers to create this experience after realising most savings courses are focused on how money works, instead of how humans work with money.


Terry Condon, MBA

Ryan saw the ‘behaviour gap’ that often exists in personal finance, and teamed up with Terry to fill it.

With a background in high performance coaching and management consulting, he has honed the ability to make important insights more accessible. He also understands how create the necessary conditions for positive personal change.


Ryan Monaghan, MFP

Terry worked with Ryan to get started investing. And this experience showed him how important it is to make information and education actionable.

Ryan’s qualifications in finance and a keen interest in technology means he is exceptional at creating tools that make principles actionable.

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Tell us about you

Fill out a simple application, so we can tailor our conversation to you.

Find a time to chat

Schedule your free coaching call with us for when it suits you most.

Choose path & start

We’ll work with you to uncover the right path forward, so you are clear on what to do next.