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Life changing

Mr-McMurphy SEQ on Jan 23

Great information, easy to understand and process, fun guests. I had some information and my personal finance but didn’t really start taking the proper actions I needed until listening to Terry & Ryan explain the concepts and pairing them with tangible actions. 10/10 would recommend.

This podcast is a game changer!!

littlemissmandyy on Jan 23

As the self-confessed spender in my relationship and ‘not a numbers person’, this podcast is helping me better understand my own personal psychology around money and develop some really great new habits to build our wealth and live life the way we want to! Absolutely love listening each week and discussing the content with my husband, implementing new strategies and techniques AND getting excited about finances for the first time in my life!!

Just listen to this, your future self will love you for it!

Rich890 on Jan 23

I’m loving the blend of financial advice with psychology! Excellent!

A1 essential for FIRE / everyday Aussie’s, families etc.

Marc's Groovin on Jan 23

Yes this review is prompted, but I really shoulda submitted something b4 now anyway ha ha 🤣. The PIP guys are the real deal with incredible insights, professional acumen, openness to the future of finance/ money / digital transformation ($BTC all the way!!!) as well as the essential psych / human elements of financial life. Must listen & subscribe, I’ve told all my friends and now I’m telling YOU! Just do it. Thanks gents 👍

Mind over money

SophiaSaint on Jan 23

I’m loving the delve into the psychology behind how we interact with money. Something I appreciate is that the concepts can be applied to other areas of your life.

This pod is life changing!

@Deej on Jan 23

I have listened to so many audio books, pods and read many books on how to get ahead financially to improve my life & those close to me. This pod series is by far the best, Terry & Ryan break it down in an easy to understand and balanced approach, and give you all the tools and resources you need to change your life. Thank you Terry & Ryan for sharing your knowledge & insights with us 🙏

Different approach to money

Live Believe Relax - Kate on Jan 2023

Love the ideology and holistically way the guys go about discussing money and behaviours. It’s making me re think all my current processes and wondering why they never worked. The “forecasting” concept is brilliant and i can’t wait to hear more about it. Keep up the great work!

No BS, accessible, useful stuff!

mobile cell telephone on Jan 2023

These guys are the real deal – none of the jargon or junk you get with so many finance podcasts/literature. Instead they offer transparent, down to earth information in a really digestible way and a brilliant dose of humanity and humour on the side. Absolute game changer, well done fellas.


KathyandTheo on Jan 2023

Love this podcast! Terry and Ryan are the dream team in the way they speak about finances. They speak about finance in a interesting and clear and well researched way. I have my partner hooked and some friends too! If you want to feel more optimistic and competent about your financial future this podcast is for you!

Life changing!

zoe_dot_dot on Jan 2023

Whether other personal finance content just hasn’t worked for you, or you just want to learn about the psychology of personal finance, this podcast is for you. It’s fascinating, informative, and Terry and Ryan are great at explaining complex concepts in a really easy to understand way. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Shift in mindset

Danstone83 on Jan 2023

I really like how Ryan and Terry blend financial literacy with behavioural psychology. They are very good at challenging beliefs but also keeping an open mind. They also excel in breaking down complex concepts. This is highlighted in their crypto series and latest bitcoin episodes. I also really like when special guests come out of left-field, like Chris Voss with his negotiation episode. Keep up the great episodes and fantastic guests.

Have learnt so much and ready to get started

Jinny@youmumma on Jan 2023

I have loved these podcasts! A simple and easy to follow introduction to the overwhelming world of finance. This show has started me on the journey to financial freedom. I am excited to get in control of my finances and create my future wealth and passive income!

Go-to podcast

ka785 on Jan 2023

Thank you for the considered and helpful insights. It’s been great motivation.

Easy to listen and learn

Jroh 1234 on Jan 2023

Very good podcast in regard to managing money and other aspects of life. Easy to listen and follow along as the language is simple but explanatory. Interesting how they use learnings from other facets of their lives and apply them to money

Balanced perspectives

Jules R on Jan 2023

Great podcast from the start. I really like the subject series within the overall podcast so I can learn about the different aspects of investing. Also very interesting to hear all the aspects about bitcoin with balanced perspectives. Whilst not for me I have learnt more about why people are interested in bitcoin and what benefits it could have for future generations. Keen to hear more stories from those who have done the course and how it worked out for them.

The best Aussie personal finance podcast

Scott1985ytre on Jan 2023

A fantastic personal finance podcasts with a great platform set in the early episodes. Focus on behaviour and not just the numbers. Very relatable.

Very Insightful and a Great Listen

NicT44on Jan 2023

I love this podcast. Thanks be been listening for over a year now and it’s changed the way I think about money.

Podcast Tragic - Excellent Content

NicT44on Dec 2022

I have listened to many, many, many podcasts – focusing on money management, FI, property etc and Passive Income Project is the best and the one I always return to. I have binged the entire catalogue of episodes and then read many of the resources and referenced books/videos. Even though I am probably a little older than their target demographic, I believe the content is excellent and well presented – mature, logical and knowledgeable. The mindset and behaviour aspect is also amazing, plus the list of ‘Gold Class’ guest speakers is very impressive. I first heard you on AFB and jumped straight to your first Crytpo Series and the recent 2nd series is even better. Keep up the great work and thanks for all your effort in this field. You have a unique and valuable business model.

So motivating and helpful.

MegWall1 on Dec 2022

Thanks guys so much for this podcast – I love the blend of coaching techniques with psychology and practical money moves, it’s a lovely way to learn and makes the information so digestible and tangible.

Behavioural finance for everyday people

Carlzp on Dec 2022

I’ve really enjoyed this podcast and it’s sparked some deep conversations and thought processes. Appreciate the efforts you go to in order to deep dive into topics and apply behavioural finance principles! I’ve learnt a lot – thank you!

Crypto spruiking?

G_____g on Dec 2022

It’s a shame I used to like listening to these guys until they started shoving crypto religion down our throats in the last few episodes. They need to declare their conflict of interest – what’s their stake in Bitcoin, and how much are they using their platform to prop up the price of Bitcoin for their own gain? I have unfollowed sorry guys my BS radar has been firing

Not exactly what it says on the tin

AnonPodReviews on Dec 2022

Great passive income content until the crypto episodes came in

11/10 would recommend!

Chris-Act11 on Aug 2022

Easy to listen to while being really insightful. Thanks gents

Great Tips!

Zia N. on Jun 2022

First of all, I love your dynamic as co-hosts of your show. Your ability to add a bit of humor here and there made the conversation light and comfortable for me and your listeners. Thank you for the practical cash flow advice that I may apply to my personal finances. I am definitely sharing your show with my colleagues and friends.

You lost me at crypto

Dan the Milkshake Man on Apr 2022

Apart from the greatest bubble of all time, decent content

Packaged beautifully!

JBice00001 on Mar 2022

Absolutely love this poddy – Ryan + Terry have such an engaging way of articulating what can be challenging (or outright boring…) concepts. Love that you dig into often unspoken aspects of finance and challenge perspectives or outdated approaches. Huge fan of your work – can’t recommend it highly enough.

Cashflowco is the way to go.

Tate on Mar 2022

I greatly respect well researched and educators in their respective fields

Insightful Game Changers

MKS_23 on Dec 2021

Terry and Ryan are some of the best voices you may find in the podcast realm. You know why? Because they share major insights and knowledge with the real intent of creating good for their communitiy and listeners. Inspiring growth and sharing their best ideas with a positive goal is really perceiveable when you listen to their episodes. What I find is that they are really making an effort to break the boundary of the “listening only” experience, trying to bridge and connect people, and creating a platform where every concept, experience and story can be taken further, shared and discussed. For me in particualr, they really helped me to look at things differently in my daily life and business side. Since I started to listening to them, I changed approach and improved my planning and mapping of things. Huge thanks, mates!

Great listen

St3w08 on Oct 2021

Awesome podcast! Really delves into the psyche of investing and makes you think about how you are managing your money and your life. Really challenges you to think about your own situation and apply education. Unpacks and simplifies a lot of the financial jargon. Well worth the listen.

Great show but the Show note links do not work

Lost & lonely on Jun 2021

Hi Guys One of the best podcasts that I’ve listened to. Just letting you know that there are no working links in the show notes at least for episode 7 on the Apple phone platform.

Love this

Jonno178 on Jun 2021

These guys are awesome. Have gone back and started from episode one and have listened half way through season two in one week. Very educational, will be getting my safety buffer in place then hitting them up for more advice. Keep up the good work.

So helpful and smart

Papalotta on May 2021

I love this podcast. I can feel previously unused parts of my brain opening up. I’m using this podcast to build up my confidence and understanding before i invest. Thanks heaps.

Loving it!!

Debt.Smashing.Diva on May 2021

Absolutely loving your podcast! It’s now my favourite! Thank you for sharing your in depth knowledge. Keep up the great work.

Great podcast for cool financial gurus!

Kate D-M on Apr 2021

Really inspiring and helpful! From the heart of Geelong!

Great inspirational content

Sam_Climber_XC on Feb 2021

I really how you talk about really understanding yourself and only can learn when not stressed. Keep it up

Love it

Ktyecki on Jan 2021

Thank you

Great Podcast

SeanJohnson96 on Nov 2020

Love the mix of knowledge, money concepts and mindset along with the psychology behind it all. Highly recommend so keen up the good work guys!

Amazing value + concepts

seedblog on Oct 2020

My fiancé and I froth this poddy series, so much so we signed up for the course as it just made sense. Our friends got so much out of it – now we have too. Best $$ spent all year for sure! We’ve loved working with Ryan + Terry the past three months and definitely look forward to continuing the program to keep uplevelling our money game.

Changed our lives and habits, quiet literally !!

Hellsyesssss on Jul 2020

We loved listening to the full set of podcasts from these guys but a few of the most important insights we got out of the first season were about 1. Being really clear about what our future goals look and feel like. Not just following the crowd and not listening to every man and his dog about what they think we should do. 2. The importance of uplevelling related to our investment decisions and having a true understanding of the probabilities associated with different options 3. In season 2 we have really enjoyed going back over the framework for decision making. Personally I have been able to use this in lots of different areas of my life, from coaching friends who are making a decision to working out what career path to take next. Thanks for a fun and insightful podcast. Loving the banter between you guys !!

Well thought through & informative

Roceansv11 on Jul 2020

True to their name, this is a project in action. The guys at PIP go through the mental attributes of investing and creating a podcast that is informative and drives action to the listener. I love the clarity of the thought and delivery of the episodes. Keep it going guys!

Not another couple of stiffs in suits

missgolivia90 on Jul 2020

These guys are the absolute epitome of what the modern person needs for personal finance! Cannot rate this podcast highly enough for making me nod, laugh & hi five myself whilst commuting to & from work!


petrajoly on May 2020

Pardon the pun, but I feel myself wanting to say YES!!! out loud while I’m listening to you. I absolutely love your message and hear you loud and clear. Thankyou

Essential listening!

matt9384747372 on Mar 2020

2 blokes, bloke-ing out, talking about finance. Cool. They’re both super well informed and tackle the scaries of money and the finance world. It’s great to hear it from people who have clearly invested time and educated themselves on the topics. I’ve recommended it to friends and now everyone reading this. Dive in.

Amazing money wisdom

lulucondi on Feb 2020

Thank you guys! Absolutely love your podcast and am learning so much – seriously great listening

So helpful!

kellyarabella on Dec 2019

The amount of actionable advice given by these guys blows me away. They tell you exactly how to stack your opportunities and live the life of your dreams. It’s like living life in the slipstream ha!


Trfvchhes24y on Oct 2019

Very informative podcast. Really interesting and well presented finance tips, the two hosts are very relatable and include interesting stories to keep the narrative flow. Valuable info that can help everyone and particularly the younger generations.