How to use money to live a rich life

In this episode, Ryan and Terry delve into the reason why ‘money doesn’t buy you happiness’ is wrong, the two different types of happiness, and how following four simple rules can help you use money to not just get rich, but also build a rich life. If you’ve ever felt like your ideas about money […]

How to think clearly about money

In this episode, Terry expands on the lessons he learned overcoming his obstacles to building financial intelligence. You’ll discover the biological battle being waged in your brain, and how two well known SCI-FI characters can explain why we often find it difficult to process money conversations and decisions. Terry also lays out a road map […]

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In this episode, Ryan and Terry introduce themselves and discuss what the Passive Income Project is all about, why this podcast is probably not what you’d expect from a money podcast, and what you can expect to learn from listening.  Terry also tells his story (hint: if you’ve ever felt like you’re not a money […]