Free yourself from money worries.

The Cashflow Co. is a for purpose business that helps free thinking doers to fund big life goals by saving sustainably and investing intelligently.

Escape the rat race. Conquer money.

Learn how to use tools & methods to succeed in achieving financial freedom.

Smash Debt

Break the shackles of bad debt and build a cash cushion that helps you sleep soundly at night.

Save Sustainably

Fund your big life goals by finding the sweet spot between saving for the future and investing in the now.

Build Passive Income

Build a money machine that puts your savings surplus to work and pays you while you sleep.

Gabs Story

How to escape the rat race!

The rat race is a mindset, and Gab Pappalardo’s story proves that anyone can transcend it. She’s had the courage to challenge her money stories and change her approach by mastering our practice. For her, the results have been lifechanging.

We believe money is for life, life is not for money.

For us, wealth is time. And success is being in a position to choose how you spend your precious time. Our focus is on helping you re imagine your relationship with money so that you can begin to use it to buy back your time.
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