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The ultimate guide to surviving the covid-19 cash crunch – part 1

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Budgeting for COVID-19 is critical. In this episode, we introduce the first of a 2 part series focused on helping you fast track the financial skills that’ll help you avoid the traps that are currently disguised as opportunities and tactics for surviving the COVID-19 cash crunch.

In this short Covid-19 focused series, we cover two core disciplines:

  • Sustainable Saving (this episode) digs into strategies and tactics to help you stretch your dollars further and kickstart your savings to get off the financial edge.
  • Smart Spending (episode 2) focuses on how to use your resources in time, talent and money to use this as an opportunity to rebound better than ever and avoid scare tissue that can ruin your relationship to money.
What you'll learn.

In this episode, we discussed the One-Time-Actions that can continue to pay you in savings throughout the years to come.

Firstly, to reduce impulse spending.

Secondly, to reduce overspending.