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#67 Cory Klippsten | How to Avoid Losing Your Savings to Crypto Scams

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If the FTX collapse didn’t make it clear, crypto is very much still a wild west.

And as Jesse Myers described in our last episode, it is definitely not for the faint hearted.

But Bitcoin is not crypto, and in this last episode of our BTC expert series the difference between the two will become abundantly clear.

If Bitcoin is the new frontier of finance, Cory Klippsten has shown himself to be one of the most skilled guides for folks looking to stake their claim.

Cory is founder and CEO of Swan Bitcoin, and has one of the more impressive career portfolios when it comes to business and technology.

Like our last guest Jesse Myers, he graduated from the worlds top finance and economics business school’s.

After working at two of the worlds biggest tech firms, he invested over 300M in early stage startups. And later acted as an adviser and consultant in the tech space.

On his travels he has seen the underbelly of the crypto industry. And shared rooms with the shady characters who deceive an unsuspecting public.

As a result, he has become one of the most vocal critics of these types, and made a name of himself over the last year by exposing many of the biggest failures ahead of time.

And even though this episode was recorded before FTX collapse, he actually singles out Sam Bankman Fried and questions his character.

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